The Seven Secrets You Will Never Know About Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia boasts of numerous attraction sites worth visiting. From the Eureka Tower, the Federation Square to the inspirational National Gallery of Victoria, and much more. Additionally, multicultural Melbourne offers tourists a chance to explore and discover the rich culture, art, and delicious food the city holds.

For game lovers, this Australian casino offers a wide range of games such as table games, live games, and pokies that you can try out as you explore and discover Melbourne’s prized destinations. On the other hand, there are some secrets you will never know about Melbourne, Australia. They include:

Cocktails at the Croft Institute

Located at the alley in Melbourne’s Chinatown, the Croft Institute resembles a scientific laboratory as it is equipped with a collection of beakers, bunsen burners, and test tubes but there’s more than meets the eye as it is the perfect place to visit for custom-made cocktails.

The Break Room

The Break room is one of Melbourne’s best-kept secrets as it provides an arena for people to let out their anger by smashing some plates. That’s right, the break room enables people to harness their destructive tendency in a controlled and enjoyable way.

You can join a studio audience

Running out of to-do-activities in Melbourne is next to impossible. This is why joining a studio audience in one of the numerous TV shows that film in the city should be on your bucket list. The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, Millionaire Hot Seat, The AFL Footy Show, and Rockwiz are some of the programs that you could join.

Melbourne’s Wunderkammer

Derived from the German word for a cabinet of curiosity, Wunderkammer is one of Melbourne’s secret places that features a display of unique and rare products for sale. From animal teeth, butterflies, fossils to shells, medical books, and taxidermy animals. Therefore, for odd gifts be sure to visit Wunderkammer.

Melbourne features an Aircraft Viewing Area

Located near the Melbourne Airport and at the intersection of Sunbury and Oaklands road, this designated aircraft viewing area offers travelers and plane lovers a chance to witness landing planes as well as those taking off. While this is one of Melbourne’s underrated activities, it gives travelers a chance to see planes a few meters above their head

6. The Heide Museum of Modern Art

Established in 1934 and opened to the public in 1981, the Heide museum of modern art features gorgeous gardens and a stylish architectural design. In addition, the museum hosts the Markers Market which involves the sale of jewelry, art, design, and other handmade products.

7. The Lyon Housemuseum

The Lyon house-museum was designed by Corbett Lyon and is the world’s first purpose-built residence and museum that offers pre-booked tours to the general public.


Melbourne offers a plethora of exciting places to visit but some remain a secret to tourists. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned secrets are worth exploring for a lifetime experience.


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The Seven Secrets You Will Never Know About Melbourne, Australia

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