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iFIT Health & Fitness (iFIT), a global leader in connected fitness software, content and equipment, today announced it is significantly expanding its offerings in the Australian market.

The 43-year-old company will offer Australians the industry’s broadest range of connected fitness equipment powered by iFIT– the subscription-based, interactive fitness technology that delivers live and on-demand studio classes as well as immersive guided workouts across global destinations. From trekking to the Mount Everest base camp, cycling Tour De France to running through Thai jungles, iFIT can take you on workouts across all 7 continents and 51 countries.



With Australians increasingly working from home and exploring home fitness options, iFIT Health & Fitness aim to provide innovative and immersive solutions, already trusted by more than five million members across 120 countries.


For its Australian expansion, iFIT Health & Fitness have increased local product availability and marketing efforts behind its leading  fitness brands, NordicTrack and ProForm, which sync with the iFIT interactive technology.



(iFIT Australasian General Manager, Clayton Scott)


NordicTrack is iFIT’s premium connected fitness offering. Every treadmill, studio bike, elliptical, incline trainer, climber or rower offers extraordinary personal training programs created by the iFIT’s expert trainers. Patented iFIT interactive technology allows the equipment to automatically adjust the incline, decline, speed and resistance in sync with iFIT’s streaming workouts.


Key NordicTrack products include:


●      X32i Incline Trainer, AUD$4,999.00

●      Commercial 1750 Treadmill, AUD$3,999.00

●      Commercial S22i Studio Bike, AUD$4,999.00

●      RW900 Rower, AUD$2,499.00  

●      Vault, AUD$5,499.00


The NordicTrack Vault fitness mirror is the most recent addition to the product range. Vault is a premier home gym that intimately pairs iFIT interactive training with innovative reflective technology. Vault’s crisp 61.5” oversized mirror provides immediate visual feedback, allowing you to match the form of your iFit trainer for a better workout. With sleek, integrated storage for premium dumbbells, kettlebells, yoga, Pilates and strength training accessories, Vault is the total package.




(NordicTrack Vault)

ProForm also offers a range of state-of-the-art interactive connected treadmills, elliptical machines, strength and reflective products, studio bikes, home gyms, weight benches, and yoga and Pilates equipment, at a lower price-point. Patented iFIT interactive technology allows the equipment to automatically adjust the incline, decline, speed and resistance in sync with iFIT’s streaming workouts.

Key ProForm products include:


●      Pro 2000 Treadmill, AUD3,999.00

●      Studio Bike Pro 22, AUD$2,499.00

●      Vue, AUD$3,999.00


ProForm’s Vue is a fitness mirror, a similar piece of equipment to NordicTrack’s Vault. The Vue lets you check your form as it brings you professional on-demand classes from HIIT to yoga, each led by a certified iFIT trainer and delivered to you on a crystal-clear 22” HD touchscreen.


IFIT workouts are led by a variety of globally recognised high-profile trainers including US female soccer star Alex Morgan and British Olympic rowing gold medalist, Alex Gregory. Australia’s own fitness guru, Tanya Poppet, is also featured on the iFIT platform amongst many more credible trainers and accomplished athletes.

In an effort to build more awareness locally for iFIT and its products, the company will soon announce a number of exciting new Australian ambassadors.

IFIT’s Australasian General Manager, Clayton Scott has been overseeing South East Asian operations for over 14 years, as the company pioneered the category and defined what it means to have a truly interactive fitness experience, at home, in the gym, or on the go.


“Australian consumers have been shifting their workouts to online and virtual experiences for some time and the pandemic accelerated that trend. More and more people are realising they can maximise both their time and fitness results,” Scott said.


“Moreover, connected and interactive fitness experiences offered by iFIT double as immersive, on-demand getaways. IFIT streaming workouts let you virtually run the Boston Marathon route we shot during the 2019 race, cycle scenic routes in Europe or row waterways from the Thames to the Zambezi River. IFIT’s interactive technology automatically adjusts the resistance, incline, and speed of your fitness equipment to match the route in the IFit streaming workout, to create an immersive experience like no other.”


Scott noted that total business in Australia has more than doubled in the past 18 months.


“For some time, I’ve been saying that the Australian market presents a tremendous business opportunity. Australians are passionate about sport and fitness and now with the growth of home fitness, there’s no better time to offer the best-in-class experience.”


A one-year iFIT subscription is valued at AUD$249.00. Previously only available online in Australia, NordicTrack and ProForm are now available at Rebel Sport, select retailers as well as online – nordictrackfitness.com.au & proformfitness.com.au.


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