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Bedroom Color Schemes: Evoking Happiness, Comfort, Warmth, and Much More

  • Written by Lilly Miller

Do you dream of falling asleep surrounded by comfy bedroom colors that will relax you and waking up with colors that evoke happiness and joy? You can have all that in one room if you strike gold with your color palette. If you want your safe haven to feel warm, comfortable and relaxing, but don’t want to reach for plain old whites, here are some bedroom color schemes to opt for. After the core items are acquired including a mattress, bedside tables and chairs accessories like a latex mattress topper can be bought online.

The colour scheme options include:

Blush pink

Many people connect bedrooms with romance, so if this is the first thing you want to evoke in your boudoir, opt for blush pink. Red and fire pink are romantic and passionate, but too many of these colors will make you feel like you’re sleeping in a Valentine’s Day shop. Instead, make gentle and soothing blush pink your main color and accompany it with some light blue silky Egyptian cotton sheet set to strike a romantic yet classy vibe.

Dark plum

A place that serves for relaxation will look absolutely amazing in brown-tinted plum tones. These dusky tones of purple will make a room warm and soothing without overpowering the space with its heavy darkness. Mix your plum walls with brass accents and grainy wood to achieve that chic blend of modern and rustic. A pop of bold yellow will add a splash of freshness and finish the look.

Forest green

Do you want your bedroom to be cooling in the summer yet warming in the winter? Opt for a matt forest green that will promote relaxation all year round. And don’t hesitate to use it in small bedrooms as well—it will look fresh and energizing in the morning yet cocooning and dramatic in the evening. Spice the look up with some mustard yellow throw pillows to break the monotony and prevent greens from becoming too gloomy.

Bold yellow

Are you aiming for a happy and airy vibe in your bedroom? Find a way to incorporate yellow into your space to mimic sunshine and joy. However, don’t go all-in with bold yellow or you can achieve a completely contradictory effect—in large quantities, yellow can trigger anxiety and frustration. Paint walls with any color that compliments yellow and brings pops of this sunshine color with wall art, bedding or statement walls or wallpaper. Think oatmeal or white for the rest of the walls and furnish the room with plenty of natural materials to create a relaxing yet uplifting vibe.

Shades of gray

Are you into classics? Smart, because why fix something that’s not broken. The gray palette is always trendy and chic, and it shows no signs of going out of fashion. You can play with grays and layer different tones to create a cohesive and put-together look. Use the palest tones for floors and cover them with patterned monochrome rug to add some depth and warmth to the room. To complement the floors, use deeper incarnations on the walls—this setup will create a harmonious look. Break the grayness with a splash of blush pink on the bed.

Denim blue

Denim tones are varied, but they all look amazing in any bedroom. You can choose from deep indigo tones to soft chambray tones, and you will always achieve a calming and timeless feel. If you’re a fan of a relaxing country look or Hamptons vibe, you can choose stonewashed blues and pair them with fresh simple stripes. Lighter shades offer a great backdrop for deeper hues, while darker denim shades pair well with crisp whites. For a touch of life and fire, you can add a splash of soft orange.

Midnight blue

If you’re struggling with stress and just want to relax and get some deep sleep, go for midnight blue. This light-guzzling shade will evoke a mellowing mood and make every morning easy on the eyes. You can freely use it on an accent wall, but if you choose to go four-walls midnight blue, keep the ceiling and floors plain white to balance the dark shades. For an accent color, opt for nude pink bedding set, cushions and throws.

Mint green

Are you a fan of white walls, but don’t want to be too basic with your bedroom color palette? Mint green is the solution for you! It’s not much of a stretch from white, but it’s much more uplifting and interesting. Mint green looks great in morning natural light so you’ll have something to brighten up your day from the very beginning. If you’re into mixing decorating styles, pair your light green with some gray tones and you’ll create a look that’s perfectly Scandi and country.

Bedroom color palettes are very specific, yet even a total beginner can create a palette that looks and feels relaxing, uplifting and chic. Make sure to keep your colors subdued and add some sunshine and life with bold accents. You can come up with your own color combinations, but if you need a starting point, feel free to use the aforementioned ones for inspiration.


House and Garden

Bedroom Color Schemes: Evoking Happiness, Comfort, Warmth, and Much More

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