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The Importance of Quality Assurance in Modern Construction

The New South Wales construction industry has been under intense scrutiny recently, thanks to a large number of newly registered developments showing serious defects. 

A recent state government survey found that 53% of the apartments registered from 2016 to 2022 have at least one major defect, with the most common related to plumbing and drainage. 

I’m Joe Rantino, an experienced plumber North Sydney and owner of Gladesville Plumbing. This alarming statistic highlights the need for developers to hire quality professionals and ensure accurate inspections. 

Doing so can mitigate risks and enhance the quality and safety of new builds.

Understanding the Problem: Building Defects on the Rise

The NSW Building Commission, established in December 2023, aims to address shoddy development work across the state. 

The Building Commission NSW oversees inspections, compliance, licensing, complaints, and policy to rebuild trust and capability within the construction sector. Operating statewide, the Building Commission NSW is crucial in delivering on the NSW Government’s housing commitments and enhancing public confidence in new developments.

Since its inception, the commission has issued numerous building work rectification orders and is working proactively to prevent issues before they arise. Despite these efforts, the legacy of construction problems persists, with many buildings still plagued by defects.

The Role of Quality Plumbing in Construction

One often overlooked aspect of quality in construction is plumbing, which is why this has become the most common defect found in new developments. A skilled and experienced plumber can significantly impact the overall integrity and functionality of a building by:

Preventing Water Damage: Faulty plumbing can lead to water leaks, which can cause extensive damage to a building's structure and interiors. High-quality plumbing installations minimise this risk.

Ensuring Compliance: Professional plumbers ensure that all installations meet current building codes and standards, reducing the likelihood of future compliance issues.

Offering Long-term Reliability: Using quality plumbing materials and practices ensures longevity, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing resident satisfaction.

The Importance of Inspections

In addition to hiring the best plumbers, conducting thorough inspections during and after construction is crucial. Inspections help identify potential issues early, allowing for timely interventions to save money and prevent future problems.

Comprehensive inspections lead to:

  1. Early Detection of Defects: Regular inspections during construction can catch issues before they become major, ensuring they are addressed promptly.
  2. Quality Assurance: Inspections verify that all aspects of the construction, including plumbing, meet the required standards and specifications.
  3. Building Confidence: Quality inspections provide buyers and investors with peace of mind, as they know the property is built to high-quality standards.

Final Thoughts

As New South Wales continues to grapple with the repercussions of shoddy construction practices, developers need to prioritise quality and reliability. Hiring the best professionals and conducting thorough inspections are critical steps in achieving this goal. 

By investing in quality workmanship and proactive oversight, developers can ensure the delivery of safe, durable, and compliant buildings, restoring public confidence in new developments.


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