Scott Pickett to take centre stage in immersive dining first for Melbourne

  • Written by Greenpoint Media

Restaurateur and chef Scott Pickett, the culinary master behind Longrain, Matilda, Estelle, Chancery Lane, Le Shoppe, Pastore and Pickett’s Deli, will take Melburnians on a once-in-a-lifetime gastronomic adventure at STH BNK By Beulah’s Hanover House.


A glorious collision of dining, futuristic design and theatrical performance, Higher Order is not your usual dinner party; diners will be treated to an evocative and multi-sensory dining experience that merges scent, sound and taste into an unmissable culinary hallucination.


Rethinking the intersection between dining and art, the interactive dining experience will see Scott Pickett collaborate with some of the most forward-thinking artists, performances and designers to enrapture the senses and explore the future of dining beyond the plate, by way of BETA By STH BNK’s experimental event series.


"I'm so excited to be involved in a project like this! The prospect of looking at what will be in store in the future in the landscape of dining is something really special,” said Scott.


“It's about how we can look to our producers and suppliers to change their ways and means to ensure sustainability, that is still affordable to the discerning diner, whilst creating interesting and evocative food. My travels in the past always awakened me to things that others in the world are doing and projects like this keep the mind ticking over to new and exciting things."


Each 90-minute experience will offer a hazy premonition of future dining unlike anything Melbourne has ever seen, taking a deep dive into the multi-sensory and a creative approach to culture via digital interaction, illusionary lighting, theatrical ceremony and much more.


The experience is in partnership with Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and is located on Level 5 of Hanover House in The Attic. Running Wednesday through to Sunday from August 20 to September 12, guests will have the option of two sessions per evening, with ticket prices starting from $145.


The immersive dining experience is part of Beulah’s BETA By STH BNK, an experiential event series, bringing together international brands, revered artists and makers over a six month period. Merging physical and digital, art and technology, design and data, BETA will explore and experiment with the future of living, food, fashion and wellness while celebrating individuality, diversity and creative expression.


BETA spans three distinct, yet complementary levels of Hanover House, that provide depth and distinction in the types of experiences and events guests can expect; from experimental retail stores offering ‘a radical new way to save the world’ to workshops designed to feed guests’ appetite for knowledge, inspiration and upskilling.


Beulah Co-Founder and Executive Director Adelene Teh is thrilled to be partnering with Scott Pickett as part of the BETA series, praising his passion for redefining fine dining and pushing culinary boundaries, constantly.


“We were so impressed by Scott’s incredible depth of experience, gleaned from countries all over the world. It was this global vision, coupled with his infinite knowledge of Melbourne’s sources for the finest produce that made Scott the perfect partner for Higher Order,” said Adelene.


“We at Beulah look forward to collaborating with Scott and his team on BETA By STH BNK, to offer Melbourne an innovative dining experience not seen anywhere else.”


BETA is designed to give Melburnians a feel for what can be expected as part of Beulah’s $2 billion-plus project, STH BNK By Beulah. A project of unprecedented scale, STH BNK By Beulah is set to become Australia’s tallest building, boasting fully integrated vertical villages, drawing together leading figures in design and placemaking with pioneering creative collaborators.


Designed to positively impact the community, STH BNK By Beulah will also support the transformation of the Melbourne Arts Precinct and will become a quintessential destination for the city’s 2.2 million international tourists and visitors.


Higher Order will offer 2 x 90 minute sessions per evening at 6pm and 8:30pm. Tickets are priced from $145 with sessions running from Wednesday through to Sunday. To purchase tickets or to find out more, please visit


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Scott Pickett to take centre stage in immersive dining first for Melbourne

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