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Top hacks for increasing laundry efficiency

  • Written by Natasha D’Cruz, AMES Australasia’s Home Living Category Manager

Top hacks for increasing laundry efficiency


The laundry may be one of the smallest rooms in our homes, but it’s most likely one of the hardest working spaces where practicality and functionality go hand in hand. Along with this, backyard sizes are decreasing, and more people are living in apartments, making space saving laundry ideas a priority. The iconic laundry solutions experts, Hills, offers some smart ways to get clothes on the line in the cold and wet winter months.

Natasha D’Cruz, Home Living Category Manager, AMES Australasia says, “The iconic Hills Hoist is a household name synonymous with durability and practical design. Now, more than ever, Australians are looking for compact solutions that are easy to set up, increase laundry efficiency and will help avoid high electricity bills.”

Utilise an airer to save space and energy

Compared to a machine dryer, not only is air drying clothes more environmentally friendly because it uses less energy, but it also prevents static cling on fabrics and increases the lifespan of clothes. If you’re limited on space, use vertical airers to make use of the room’s height. Options such as the Hills 3 Tier Mobile Tower Airer (RRP from $60) is ideal as it has 19 metres of drying space and 60 dedicated clothes hang hook slots. It also features an adjustable configuration to suit various clothes types and its robust design means it can even fit in the shower.

Identify a ‘hotspot’

Look for a suitable ‘hotspot’ in your home where you can easily set up a portable clothes line or airer. This could be in front of a window where the light and heat from the sun can reach the laundry or between open windows to enable fresh air to flow freely into rooms and create ventilation, to speed up the drying time.

Hang clothes systematically

A systematic approach to hanging clothes can make the process more efficient. If you are hanging sheets, towels and clothes on the same clothesline, begin with sheets, then towels and finish with clothing. This makes the most efficient use of the space. For racks that are closely stacked, hang smaller garments such as underwear. If all the railings are occupied, place additional clothing on coat hangers and position them on the outer rails of the airer or clothesline. This saves time later on, as they can be placed straight into the wardrobe once they’re dry.

For those with a balcony or smaller indoor space, use the innovative Hills 21 metre Portable Clothesline (RRP $199) which bridges the gap between conventional outdoor clotheslines and indoor clothes airers. Its 1.8 metres long lines are perfect for towels and sheets while the 21 metre drying capacity is ample for large washing loads. The portable clothesline is easy to manoeuvre and folds up reasonably flat for storage when not in use.

Speed up the process

A smart technique to speed up the drying process is to place your racks near an air vent, heat source or dehumidifier. Ensure there is space between the clothesline or airer and the surrounding walls. This can also ensure the room’s humidity is minimal to avoid mould growth. Another method is to rotate your garments occasionally to make sure that the notoriously hard-to-dry areas such as pockets and cuffs are getting heat attention.

Designate a laundry basket storage section

For best laundry organisation and efficiencies, avoid clothes clutter by allocating a hamper or basket storage area either hanging vertically or placed horizontally in shelf spaces in the laundry area. For a lightweight option, use the stylish Hills Foldable Bamboo Laundry Basket (RRP $29.95) which has a 35L capacity, and a foldable frame for storage convenience. Another option is the Hills Premium Aluminium Laundry Hamper (RRP $36) which is heavy-duty but also has a lightweight frame, making it easy to hold multiple wash loads. Label each hamper or basket with categories for clothing types, such as hand-dry, dark and delicates. This system will pre-sort your laundry and make the process faster and easier.

Hills indoor laundry and clothesline range is available through Bunnings Warehouse stores and independent retailers. Hills 3 Tier Mobile Tower Airer will be available in Big W in late July. To find out more about Hills and stockists, visit www.hillshome.com.au.

About Hills

Hills has been creating innovative, well designed laundry solutions for over 70 years, starting with the iconic Hills Hoist in 1945. Today, the company offers an on-trend range of high-quality clothes lines, airers, ironing boards, laundry accessories and garden products to make home life easier.

The household brand is trusted by Australians looking for smart and beautiful garment care, storage and organisation solutions, and has been a Readers Digest Trusted Brand Award winner for five years in a row (2013 – 2017). The brand has also won Good Design Awards in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

About AMES Australasia

AMES Australasia develops, sources and supplies innovative products that help enhance the homes, landscapes and lifestyles of all Australians. The company owns a range of iconic lifestyle brands including Cyclone, Hills, Nylex, Northcote Pottery, Tuscan Path, Westmix and Kelso.

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