Seeing clearly: 7 tips for post-LASIK recovery

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LASIK surgery is designed to correct problems associated with astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia, and can be an effective method for people looking to increase their vision capability.


So, you’ve found the best laser eye surgery in Malvern, now it’s time to rest up and relax so that you can get back to living life to the fullest in no time.


  1. Have a friend look after you post-surgery


You will be asked to come to the eye clinic with a friend or loved one who can also take you home post-surgery. You will have some light sensitivity and blurred vision and will need their assistance for things like getting you into bed, making food for you and providing eye drops!


  1. Prep your meals before surgery


Your friend or loved one might be happy to make meals for you, but if it’s not their area of care-expertise, you might want to prep healthy, nutritious meals beforehand so that you don’t have to trouble them to cook all day and night! It only has to be enough for a few days post-surgery - nothing major.


  1. Dress comfily for your surgery


When you get home from surgery, it is likely that you will be drowsy from the relaxation medications. You don’t want to spend time mucking around getting changes - you want to get straight to bed! So wear something cosy to your surgery so that you can quickly hop into bed when you go home.


  1. Keep your eye drops in the fridge


You will be provided antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops to use post-surgery. They will provide a chilled, soothing feeling to your eyes. You will want to lubricate your eyes for some time after the surgery, so keep some of the medicine handy andr refrigerate the rest until you need it.


  1. Wash your hair & face before surgery


LASIK patients should avoid directly wetting their eyes for a few days post-surgery. Therefore, you might want to wash your hair and face on the morning of surgery, so that you don’t have to worry about the risk of getting water in your eyes.


If you want to clean your face and around the eyes, simply use a damp washcloth for a day or two! If you happen to get soap in your eyes post-surgery: don’t rub them, instead rinse them with artificial tears to take away the unpleasant feeling. Also, stay out of hot tubs and saunas for at least a month after surgery!


  1. Eat a healthy, filling meal pre-surgery


LASIK surgery doesn’t require general anaesthesia, so you can have a decent meal in the morning before your operation. You might want to get plenty of sleep after your surgery, which may mean missing meals. You can therefore have a big meal before your surgery to keep up your strength in those hours when you will be taking it very easy.


  1. Get plenty of rest!


As with any surgery, you are going to want to rest up so that you can get back on your feet and back in the game as soon as possible. You might want to resume your active healthy lifestyle as soon as possible, but you don’t want to do anything to disturb the recovery process, so be sure to get plenty of rest and relax for a good few days after your surgery - your body and, subsequently, your eyes, will thank you for it!


Seeing clearly: 7 tips for post-LASIK recovery

LASIK surgery is designed to correct problems associated with astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia, and can be an effective method for people looking...

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