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A wonderful sport: why basketball is one of NZ’s favourite games

Basketball is one of New Zealand’s favourite sports and for plenty of reasons! It’s a fun, team-oriented game that teaches players many life skills whilst keeping them fit and active. What’s more, it’s a great social sport to play with friends whether part of a team or down at the local court.

If you’ve been considering taking up basketball then that’s awesome! As below you will see that there are many benefits for your body, mind, social and work life:


  1. It is great for fitness


Basketball NZ is one of the best ways to keep fit. A year-round sport that combines both strength, agility and endurance, it is one of the greatest ways to keep fit in a way that is both challenging and exciting. The sport incorporates many muscle groups that are maintained simply through playing, as well as helps keep your agility, cardio and reflexes in check through the various skills associated with gameplay.

What’s more, all that extra training you do in between matches is another great way to help you keep fit and active before you get back out onto the court to take on your next opponent!


  1. It’s a social game


There is absolutely nothing wrong with popping on your headphones and heading to the gym. However, is it as fun as playing in a social team with some of your best mates, or getting the crew together for a bit of two-on-two at the local court?

This is one of the most social sports you can play, as you will be part of a small, intimate team with the same goal of winning and enjoying the game in the process. Playing for sociability is one of the many reasons people take up the sport in the first place, especially as it gives them a healthy, active outlet that goes beyond simply meeting your mates at the pub on a Friday!


  1. It teaches valuable life skills


Basketball - like other team sports - teaches valuable life skills that can’t be overlooked. Probably the most important life skill it teaches is that of teamwork, as you will need to work alongside your teammates to reach that all-important goal of winning the game.

Next, there is the discipline that comes with showing up: showing up to training, showing up to matches, showing up on the court in the midst of competition. It’s all imperative for making yourself a valuable and respected team member, something which is important for…


  1. Taking your skills into real life situations


Life skills like discipline and teamwork are all part of a winning mindset. This winning mindset you can then go on to take into other real life situations. For example, you might be put in a small group with colleagues to try and solve a problem that could help your company grow. Here, you will be able to display your ability to work together with teammates in a way that ensures you get the job done to the highest efficiency.


  1. It’s just an all-round good time


Basketball is a great sport for players of all ages to enjoy. You don’t have to look towards becoming a pro to enjoy this awesome game - you will already get so much out of it just by showing up and putting in work with the team. This is why it one of New Zealand’s favourite sports and will continue to be so for many years to come!


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A wonderful sport: why basketball is one of NZ’s favourite games

Basketball is one of New Zealand’s favourite sports and for plenty of reasons! It’s a fun, team-oriented game that teaches players many life s...

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